My Projects

Here are a list of my projects currently out in the wild.

Elysium Studios

I’m currently working on starting a worker’s cooperative and some of the projects I’m working on are under the umbrella of Elysium Studios. If you like visual novels (or maybe just WordPress plugins), check out Elysium Studios at


I’m working on a few Firefox add-ons. Right now, I’m porting one of my favourite plugins (Lazarus Form Recovery) from the old XUL architecture to the WebExtensions format.


I’ve been a WordPress developer ever since it forked from b2evolution in 2003. I’ve worked on WordPress commercially with companies such as Greystone Technology in Denver, working on sites as large as UCHealth and as small as the State Policy Opportunity Tracker.


Currently, I’m maintaining two WordPress themes, YouAre and Starkers. I plan to add project pages (including translated versions in French and Esperanto) shortly.


I’m also working on a few WordPress plugins.


I also work on a bunch of other stuff. Currently, I’m tracking the details of the VW I.D. Buzz electric vehicle scheduled for 2022.